Achieve Zero accident rate related to HSSE.

Safety Policy

The health, safety and well-being of employees and visitors are a top priority for the management of FASTWELD ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION PTE. LTD. We believe that service excellence is not possible unless excellence in safety is achieved. We envisage an environment where our operations progress and expansion in a manner that causes NO INJURIES to employees and visitors, NO DAMAGES to property and has NO other ADVERSE IMPACTS on health and safety. We are therefore committed to:

  • Compliance with all relevant statutory, regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Identification and assessment of risks within our organization and the implementation of appropriate mitigation measures.
  • Maintaining a high level of safety awareness amongst our employees.
  • Adequately and appropriately using the protective equipment provided.
  • Welcoming feedback form employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties regarding safety in our organisation.
  • Compliance with standard operating procedures and any safety instruction/guidelines while operating machinery of any kind.
  • Reporting all possible incidents that can adversely affect the health, safety and well-being of employees and visitors.
  • Frequent review and updating of this policy to ensure that it continues to remain in line with the culture and direction of the organization.

We believe that the maintenance of a safety work environment is the responsibility of every person and therefore we will work with our suppliers, contractors and other visitors, to address concerns regarding safety.