Refurbishment of Oilfield Cementing units

To maximize the investment in older equipment, refurbishing can be a real cost saver. Fastweld’s staff of unit experts and engineers have the know-how to offer complete unit refurbishments for all of your oilfield cementing or related well servicing equipment. From the mechanical tasks such as engine, transmission & pump overhauls, base skid & frame structure restoration to less complex projects like hose replacement and painting. Our Fastweld facility and staffs are equipped to handle it all. A thorough unit inspection report is included with all of our refurbishment proposals.

Testing Facility For Oilfield Equipments

It is standard that the equipment we put out into the field are performing at the highest of levels. One of the key aspects in achieving this is our rigorous final CAT (Customer Acceptance Test) testing. We will put each of our completed units through multiple simulated field endurance tests in accordance to customer’s expectation and requirement. The customer always has an open invitation to attend this testing should they wish to do so. Fastweld testing facilities are capable to test anything from engine powered cementing pump unit, water pump unit, compressor unit or any oilfield engine powered pump unit. With respect to the different customer’s requirements of our testing, each unit will be carefully watched and monitored with a final package of all the data collected being delivered with the unit upon completion.

Assembly Production of Oilfield Single/Twin Skid Mounted Cementing Units

Mechanical quality, reliability, and support are of key importance to Fastweld and our customers. With DNV 2.7-1 & 2.7-3 certification processes for our welders and extensive training programs for our mechanics, dedication to building a quality product is our top priority. With our innovations of today combined with our proven track record in the field, you can rest assured you’re getting the best our company can offer.